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There is always many things going on at Dewi Sant Welsh United Church. Here is a photographic record of some of the more recent events. If you have pictures of a church event that you would like posted on the Dewi Sant website, contact the webmaster or the church office

Nol I Dudalen Cartref Eglwys Dewi Sant

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Gwasanaeth Dewi Sant 2010

It is a tradition at Dewi Sant to have the Welsh language learners help out with the Welsh language St. David's Day service. It is also the occasion of the awards from the annual Welsh class eisteddfod. Here is a picture to give you a flavour of the evening:

Dosbarth Cymraeg 2010

Llun gan / Picture by John Otley

Fifty Years At 33 Melrose Avenue

On Sunday, June 13th, 2010, a special service was held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone for Dewi Sant United Church at 33 Melrose Avenue.

The Rev. Deian Evans
The Reverend Deian Evans in front of the Church

The Congregation At The Celebration
The congregation prepares for this special celebration

The Congregation At The Celebration
The congregation

Deian With The People Reading Bible Passages
Rev. Evans with Donna Morris and Geraint Jones

Donna Morris, The First Baby Christened In The New Church, Reads Scripture In English
Donna Morris reads a Bible passage in English

Geraint Jones Reads A Bible Passage In Welsh
Geraint Jones reads a Bible passage yn y Gymraeg (in Welsh)

Rev. Evans and the Church cornerstone
Rev. Evans in front of the Church cornerstone

Lluniau gan / Pictures by Meriel Simpson


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26 Mehefin / June 2010

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