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One of the primary goals of the Dewi Sant web site is to provide a Canadian portal to Wales and things Welsh. Here are some links that will be of interest to many of our visitors.

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Colorado Welsh Society: Welsh events, language classes and a 30-voice Welsh choir in Colorado.

Cornel Gymraeg / Welsh Language Corner: Linda K. Sherman, a Welsh language learner, has created a web site to help other learners. It has lessons, vocabulary and other resources to help you learn Welsh on-line.

Cymdeithas Madog: Cymdeithas Madog holds a week-long Welsh language course for a levels of learner each summer in a different location in North America. If you're looking to learn "yr hen iaith" ("the old language") this summer, this is the place for you.

CYMRAEG-L: An email list for learners who are not yet comfortable with an all Welsh environment. Posts generally are in Welsh with either an English translation or a brief vocabular following but posts in English alone are permitted if you are not yet ready to give the Welsh a go.

English/Welsh Society of Saskatoon: All the activities of the Welsh and English in Saskatchewan.

Gulf Coast St. David's Welsh Society: Learn about Welsh activities on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Madog Centre - University of Rio Grande: The Madog Centre for Welsh Studies at the University of Rio Grande, Ohio.

National Welsh-American Foundation (NWAF): The NWAF promotes an interest in the history of the Welsh in America and promotes Welsh culture and traditions to Welsh-North Americans.

New York Welsh Home Page: The activities of the Welsh in New York and area. Learn what's happening to the Welsh in "Yr Afal Mawr" ("The Big Apple").

North American Festival Of Wales: The annual Festival of Wales (including the Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu) held each Labour Day weekend.

Ontario Festival Of Wales / Ontario Gymanfa Ganu Association: The Ontario Festival Of Wales, sponsored by the Ontario Gymanfa Ganu Association, is an annual tradition in Ontario. It's a chance for the Welsh of Ontario and surrounding areas to get together to celebrate our Welshness and to praise God through song.

Ottawa Welsh Society: The activities of the Welsh in our Nation's capital.

Poultney Area Saint David's Society: Many Welsh from the slate quarry regions of North West Wales emmigrated to the "Slate Valley" region of Vermont and New York in the 1840s and 1850s. Poultney and area is still a "hotbed" for Welsh activities.

Prince Edward Island Welsh Society: Learn more about the activities of the Welsh in our smallest province.

Puget Sound Welsh Association: Washington state is the home of many Welsh. Find out more about the Welsh on the Pacific Coast.

Saint David's Society Of Connecticut: Learn more about Welsh activities in Connecticut.

Saint David's Society of Edmonton: Find out more about the activities of the Welsh in Edmonton and area.

Saint David's Society Of The Washington Metropolitan Area: Learn more about Welsh activities in the Washington D.C. area.

Saint David's Society Of Winnipeg: Learn about the activities of the Welsh in Manitoba's capital.

Saint David's Welsh Society Of Georgia: A bilingual site listing the activities of the very active Welsh in Georgia.

Saint David's Welsh Society Of Greater Kansas City: This site has the activities of a Welsh society with a history dating back to the 1890s.

Saint David's Welsh Society Of Michigan: Many Welsh from Michigan come up to Dewi Sant during the year (especially for the Good Friday Gymanfa Ganu). Here are the activities of our good Welsh friends in Michigan.

Saint David's Welsh Society Of The Capital District: Activities of the Welsh in the area of upper New York State (e.g., Albany, NY).

Saint David's Welsh-American Society Of Baltimore: Maryland has an active Welsh society. Here is some information on Welsh activities in Baltimore and region.

Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir: A traditional Welsh choir that performs a wide selection of choral material. Learn more about their upcoming events.

WEL-L: An email list designed especially for Welsh language beginners who are just starting.

WELSH-L: An email list for Welsh language learners and others (including native speakers) who want a discussion in Welsh about Welsh and other topics. The use of English on this list is discouraged.

Welsh American Society of Northern California: Northern California has a very active Welsh society. Learn about their Welsh events and language classes.

Welsh Folk Songs: A large collection of "Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs and Hymns of Wales"songs with words and MIDI files. A must for anyone with an interest in Welsh folk music.

Welsh League Of Arizona: Learn more about the Welsh activities and classes in Arizonia. The site also includes the latest news from Wales.

Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association (WNGGA): The WNGGA is an organization dedicated to the preservation, development and promotion of our Welsh religious and cultural heritage. Learn more about this important North American organization

Welsh North American Chamber of Commerce: A society promoting business links between Wales and North America.

Welsh Society of Central Ohio: Contact information for this Welsh society in Columbus, Ohio.

Welsh Society Of Greater Cincinnati: Activities of the Welsh in Cincinnati and area.

Welsh Society of the Carolinas: Welsh events and activities in North and South Carolina. The group also sponsors guided tours to Wales and maintains a lending library of Welsh books, recordings and other media.

Welsh Society of Greater Cincinnati: Welsh events, people and activities in and around Cincinnati, Ohio.

Welsh Society Of Vancouver: Our Pacific Coast is home to an active Welsh society. Learn more about what's happening to the Welsh on our beautiful Pacific coast.

Vancouver Welsh Men's Choir: This history and schedule of this choir based in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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