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Wales is known as "gwlad y gân" ("the land of song"). At Dewi Sant, we try to live up to this reputation. There are a number of choirs that call the church "home base". For more information on any of these groups, contact the church office via email at

Nol I Dudalen Cartref Eglwys Dewi Sant

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  It is said that the Welsh love to sing. At Dewi Sant Welsh United Church, there is always a lot of singing to be heard. On top of the traditional Welsh hymns heard during any service, there are also a number of choirs. For more information on these parties, contact the church office at

Merched Dewi: A woman's choir with a repertoire consisting of a wide range of traditional and modern material in Welsh.

The Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir: A traditional Welsh male voice choir that performs a wide selection of choral music from several linguistic traditions. Visit their web site at


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