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Greetings From the Minister's Desk For April

Rev. Anne HepburnAs we approach Easter and the Resurrection, we will emerge from the wilderness of Jesus’ final days.

That wilderness has been brought alive to us through stories of the people of Israel.

Dry bones taking on flesh, nerves and life.

Water discovered in the desert.

David, youngest son of Jesse, being designated the future king.

Jesus on the mountain, transfigured before the eyes of his disciples.

We read about his healing on the Sabbath, causing the blind man and his family, amid their joy at vision restored, to be questioned and fearful of the Pharisees.

We read about the resurrection of Lazarus from the tomb- a portent of Easter Sunday.

And we follow with more stories of the entry into Jerusalem and Holy week. It is truly a desolate and desperate context, a lack of conscience among the elite ruling people.

Jesus was crucified and died between two criminals, mocked, ridiculed and stripped of his clothing at the Place of the Skull, known as Golgotha.

Sunday morning, the 3rd day, would reveal new hope and a release from that tomb into such new life as was never imagined. Out of wilderness indeed!

Come join us for Good Friday and Easter at Dewi Sant

All are welcome!

Bendithion / Blessings

Rev Anne


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06 Ebrill / April 2017

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